Zimbra Webmail: An efficient and collaborative
solution that helps you to improve your productivity

Key elements for any business - whether it is a small or medium-sized business or a large organization - collaborative messaging is one of the IT tools not to be overlooked

Featuring comprehensive functionalities such as email, calendar and address book, ZIMBRA is the best possible choice for businesses and professionals. Flexible, open-source and secure, ZIMBRA email can be accessed on the desktop or mobile phone in the same way as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, but it can also be accessed via Webmail, to ensure optimum productivity, regardless of location or circumstances.

What features does ZIMBRA Webmail offer?

CalendarYour timetable and meeting invitations accessible at a glance

‘Calendar’ is also a very useful feature, easily accessible via your Webmail interface. Invitations to meetings can be added automatically to your calendar. Not only can you create your own calendar, but you can also import a calendar from another e-mail system.

ContactsCreate your own list, combining imported contacts and your company's own contact lists

With ZIMBRA's contact lists, you will be able to create additional contact lists by importing external contact lists from other email systems and adding them to the list of contacts within the organization. The system will also automatically add contacts to whom you have sent e-mails but who were not on your initial list.

TasksEasily boost your productivity

The ‘Tasks’ feature is one of the most practical ways of bringing all your projects to successful completion and increasing efficiency and productivity. With it, you can list the tasks to be carried out and the items to be processed, while tracking the overall progress of the project. You can also create several lists of tasks depending on the projects you are working on.